Services and Capabilities

Innovative Materials

Tricol Clean Inc. supplies some of the world’s leading companies in JAN/SAN, biomedical, commercial laundry, and health and sanitation industries. Our R&D department works with partners to develop cutting edge solutions for medical and health fields, producing microfiber with antimicrobial and antibacterial content, including nanosilver, Microban, and infused fiber technologies. Tricol Clean is focused on providing high performance, durable materials that clean surfaces without the use of heavy chemicals and even make environments safer our clients and their customers.

In addition, our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to produce one-of-a-kind materials for specialized functions and purposes, from heavy duty mops to washable nonwoven fabrics to delicate detailing work to recycled cotton and polyester products.

tricol clean factory

Manufacturing and Customization at Every Step

Tricol Clean Inc. is the US subsidiary of one of the largest microfiber manufacturers in Asia. We provide an end to end production process with 12 manufacturing plants that specialize in fiber extrusion, various forms of warp and carpet knitting, towel weaving, dyeing, chemical treatments, cut and sew, laundering, and packaging.

 Find out more about our manufacturing capabilities at Tricol Group.

 tricol clean distribution and logistics

Logistics and Distribution

Tricol Clean Inc. is fully equipped to provide full door-to-door service, with warehousing facilities in Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California, and logistics partnerships to get your product to exactly where you need it.