Our Technologies

Tricol Clean products are powered by the latest textile technologies. The truth is, you don’t need a bunch of toxic detergents, sanitizers and cleansers to keep a home clean and tidy. Through our 25+ years of experience making cleaning products for the commercial janitorial industry, we’ve uncovered what works best for cleaning any surface. Our product story centers around 3 technologies that all have special purposes, and clean flawlessly.



Powered by Intelligent Microfiber

Tricol Clean makes all the microfiber in our products. We use a special combination of polyester and polyamide that provides a powerful cleaning performance and can be used for any textile product. Intelligent microfibers mean they’re intended to do more than ordinary fibers, offering advantages that other materials simply cannot. All products powered by Intelligent Microfiber are quick-drying, moisture-wicking, super absorbent, and lint-free.


Powered by Conscious Consumption

Mindful material stories are key to Tricol Clean. In our products powered by Conscious Consumption, we focus on two things. The first one is how we can enhance our customers’ experience with conscious consumption, meaning how we’re able to provide them products, materials, and experiences that allow them to be more eco-friendly, reduce their carbon footprint, and live a chemical-free lifestyle. The second one is how we, as a manufacturer of all our products, can participate in the circular economy, and reduce OUR impact on the environment. This means that every product purchased becomes a way for customers to make a positive impact on the environment. The two below materials comprise the current achievements we’ve made in this area.

Powered by Recycled Cotton:

Did you know it takes 3.6 lbs of carbon emissions, 720 gallons of water, 3.2 oz of pesticide, and 5.3 of fertilizer to produce 1lb of virgin cotton? By recycling the unused cotton waste from our factories, we’re eliminating those inputs and reducing our carbon footprint, one recycled cotton product at a time!

Powered by Recycled Polyester:

1 lb of recycled polyester eliminates 50 lbs of water, 4 lbs of steam, and 3.5 lbs of energy consumption in the manufacturing process. We’re able to produce our microfiber from recycled plastic bottles: that’s one less piece of trash headed for the ocean and an all-around cleaner environment.



Powered by Silver Ion Technology

This assortment of cleaning cloths, kitchen textiles and other home textiles is powered by Tricol’s Silver Ion Technology, which combines the power of our Intelligent Microfiber with the natural antimicrobial properties of Silver. It inhibits bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth on the product itself.

Embedding silver into the yarns of our fabrics improves the life of the cleaning product and adds the “self-purification” property. Silver inactivates the reproduction of over 650 bacteria, meaning the fibers of the cloth actually “self-clean.” This means the product doesn’t require as much washing as traditional cleaning tools, and encourages households to adopt a chemical-free lifestyle. Say goodbye to countless rolls of paper towels and toxic chemicals!

Test results show that these microfiber filaments offer a broad-spectrum antibacterial rate greater than 99.9%, even after 100 washes! You can also take our word for it or check out the below grid which explains how it works and what tests we conducted to ensure product quality. All Tricol Clean products powered by Silver Ion Technology are safe, non-toxic and EPA registered.

Principal Bacteria Known for: Testing Standard Results
Staphylococcus aureus

(Staph Infections)

•Respiratory & Skin Infections

•Methicillin-resistant strains (MRSA)

GB/T 20944.3-2008

ISO 20743:2007*

Escherichia coli


•Foodborne illnesses GB/T 20944.2-2007

ISO 20743:2007*

Klebsiella pneumoniae


•Urinary Tract & Abdominal Infections

•Surgical-Site and Soft-Tissue Infections

•Drug-resistant strains

GB/T 20944.3-2008

ISO 20743:2007*